The Clear Sky base is a location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The base of Clear Sky is located well hidden in the southwest corner of the Great swamp, in a village that was flooded back in Soviet times. Due to that, it is not registered on any official maps, making finding it nearly impossible.[1] It contains of a two story main building, with Lebedev the commander residing on the ground floor and Nimble snoozing in the next room. Adjacent is a small "laboratory", where Kalancha the scientist monitors his makeshift displays and instruments. A bar, run by Cold, is right next to it. Across the campsite, Novikov the base technician sits in a tiny hut. The workshop opposite to the main building is where Suslov is trading his goods.

The whole area is surrounded by barbed wire and wooden fences, bushes obstructing the view out of the base. The base cannot be accessed directly, instead, one must ask a nearby guide to lead you there and the only possibility to leave the camp is with Ivan Trodnik.

This is the place where the player begins the game.


The history of this place dates back to the time before the first Chernobyl disaster. Judging by the layout, it was a fishing operations camp, containing only one living house and some kind of barracks. Around 1991 it was abandoned by its previous inhabitants as the area was flooded, when a dam for the hydroelectric power plant nearby was build[2]. For years to come, the area was abandoned as after 1986 the swamp area was increasingly saturated with deadly radiation. The emergence of the Zone making the marsh even less appealing.

At an unknown date, shortly after the first massive blowout, the settlement was reestablished by N. A. Lebedev, E. F. Kalancha and V. I. Suslov[3], who, after breaking off from The Group, were in search of a remote place to hide from Bandits, other Stalkers, the Military[4] and the C-Consciousness. They organized a grouping called "Clear Sky", its members being stalkers and scientists in one. The Factions members went into the swamp, taking measurements, collecting samples and gathering information, as the leaders had decided that removing the disruption was possible, and that the answer can be sought out by exploring the Zone itself[5].

The second massive blowout, at the start of the game, changed the situation for Clear Sky. Anomalies shifted around, making the area accessible and new faces started pouring into the swamp. They mostly came from across the Cordon[6].

Inhabitants Edit


Clear SkyEdit

The Clear Sky camp offers everything needed to start your exploration of the Zone. It is a safe place to pass the nights away, which can be endless in the swamp. Several side missions are given by the numerous stalkers sitting and wandering around. The Traders selection of goods reflects the first phase in the game, in which you will not leave the swamp. However, if you go to him before leaving the Great swamp for the first time, he will sell you a CS-1 body armor for nearly half the price. When you return to the swamps right before you enter Limansk, he will give you an FT-200M as a reward, the best NATO rifle in the game. After accessing the Cordon, only Novikov stays more interesting, due to his abilities to perform complex upgrades.

Notes Edit

Right at the very start of the game the player will notice a computer on a nearby table. Experienced or old computer users will notice the blue screen as a very old PC operating system from back-in-the-day of PCs infancy. Upon closer inspection the player will notice what the PC has on its display. Its the STALKER CS Data/source file for Clear Skies Program Files/Gamedata/Actor files. It lists all the monsters and mutants in game, including a monster that was cut from the original build.



  • When traveling with a guide to the base, you will have to pay for the distance to the Fishing hamlet, reaching the base from a location inside the Great swamp is for free.
  • Attempts to steal the AKM-74/2U rifles and the PSO-1 Scope behind Novikov have become impossible with later patches.


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