Well anyway here's a drink on the house for a lucky son of a gun.
- Cold

Cold (Russian: Холод / Kholod) is a member of Clear Sky appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


He is working as Clear Sky's bartender, dispensing food and drink to the other members. He is apparently known among his comrades as a master of dirty jokes. According to Cold himself, he went to the Zone because there was no place for him in the outside world.

Appearances Edit

Clear Sky Edit

Scar visits Cold's bar almost immediately after waking up in the Clear Sky base. The jolly bartender tells Scar about his faction and the people in the base, as well as his own personal story. During the war with the Renegades, Cold is the only source of trade with food and drink items.

After the destruction of Clear Sky, Cold's fate and whereabouts remain a mystery.

Colds bar
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