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Variation of the Chaser. A small fragment of the artifact "Gravi" was built into the barrell[sic], positioned in such a way as to increase the speed of the bullet's flight.

In-game description

The Combat Chaser is a unique weapon featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The Combat Chaser is a modified Chaser 13 shotgun with increased damage per shot and reliability, although the mag capacity is lowered from 6 to 5 rounds. The Combat Chaser is one of the best shotguns of the game, having very good damage per shot (making it powerful for close-quarters to mutant hunting alike), although the mag capacity is fairly low and is outclassed by the SPSA-14.


  • This weapon is held by Father Diodor, who can be found at a small camp in the Army Warehouses. Diodor is the target of one of Sidorovich's assassination missions, allowing the player to take Diodor's weapon when completing the mission.
  • Another Combat Chaser can be found in a stash in the Wild Territory - Secret stash of the Lucky One, alongside a very rare Mama's Beads artifact.
    • The stash coordinates can exclusively be acquired from a dead Expert Loner in the Wild TerritoryScarecrow is likely the only stalker who will meet this requirement as he's specially scripted to be the the sole Expert Loner who can join a camp in the Wild Territory, which occurs after the Meet Kruglov / Lead Kruglov to Yantar mission if Scarecrow is still alive and hasn't already joined another camp.


  • The fact that Father Diodor carries the weapon is very hypocritical, as he preaches the destruction of artifacts. However it looks like hypocritical religious views, where it is assumed that killing can be done by any means in order to eliminate non-believers - in this case for example using artifact (in weapon) to kill those who collect artifacts and do not want to destroy them.