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Tell me about Compass.

Major Degtyarev

The artifact is stuff of legends. They say the Compass has no harmful effects and, if used wisely, can lead you out of any anomaly. You can see why customers would line up to get their hands on it. Just the other day someone told me that Noah knows something about it. He's a stalker who lives south of here.


Compass is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


To accept this mission from Beard, the player must have progressed through the quest Tempting Business up to the point where Owl asks the player to confront Beard regarding the deal with the scientists. Beard will then offer this mission, and if accepted will demand the player to obtain a Compass artifact from Noah, who resides in his ark south to the Skadovsk.

This mission is actually a simple fetch quest. Simply go to the ark, and speak to Noah regarding the Compass, who will give it to the player and demand them to leave. Afterwards, return the Compass to Beard for the reward.


The reward is 10000RU. Completing this mission also allows Beard to sell low-tier artifacts, and he will buy the player's items at the maximum price available. Completing this mission is required to obtain the One of Ours achievement.


  • A second compass can be obtained through dialogue with Noah after some in-game time has elapsed. Asking for a third however will send Noah into a frenzy and turn him hostile.
  • If you intend to side with the Bandits for the Shady Business side quest, accept the mission from Beard, but turn in the compass to Sultan instead. Turning in the second Compass to Beard before Shady Business is completed will bug the mission.