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Construction Site (Lost Alpha) is a major location appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


-there are only 2 tasks avaible in this map the first is to help a Stalker trader to get some repair gear the first is in a station where is located 2 Karliks,The second gear is in a village guarded by bandits and some zombies too.The Reward is a password [Forgotten] to get into the mercenaries camp.The second task is given by the Freedom Faction Leader located in Chernobyl (Pripyat Outskirts).The task is go at night and get a key from the Trader's Table then go to the Radar where there is a secret door to open it and get a Anomaly Generator to the Freedom Leader.                        

-The Map is between Agroprom in the southwest,Wild Territory in the north,Yantar in the northeast(just east the Wild Territory's Road).

-The Road to Agroprom is patrolled by some blind dogs.





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