The Crystal Thorn is an artifact that can be found only in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

Crystallizes in the anomaly Burnt Fuzz . Naturally takes out the radiation from the organism. That is, through the ears along with some amount of blood. Blood loss is possible also through over [sic] openings. Widespread and quite effective, which is the cause for the stable pricein [sic] the artifact market.
- In-game description

The Crystal Thorn reduces irradiation by 20% but increases bleeding as well by 100%.

Acquisition Edit

A couple of stashes contain this artifact: a stash in the Bar area, a chest in the Dark Valley, the Wild Territory and a stash in the Military warehouses area inside the trunk of a derelict car.

Another is located in a packing case in the loading bay of the Bandit compound in the Dark Valley.