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Darkscape (Lost Alpha) is a major location featuring in the standalone mod Lost Alpha.


  • The level is a reinstated cut level that is very similar to the Darkscape level.
  • In addition to the Military presence there is a sizable Mercenary contingent occupying the Service Area in the south-east and a small Bandit camp may be inadvertently stumbled into deep within the Mines.


  • Most of the excitement for the player in the early game centers around a frantic escape from the Monolith Base in Dark Valley using the civilian Lada Niva that the player finds there.
  • The Military helicopter that spawns as soon as the player starts the engine will pursue the player and usually manage to strafe the car to destruction leaving the player to proceed on foot. The idea being that the player drives to the Bridge connecting to the Tunnels and then enters the underground complex of the Mines on foot.
  • More realistically, the player may abandon the car in the Dark Valley and use the vegetation there and in Darkscape to evade the airborne threat.
  • A few small groups of Soldiers guard the road. One soldier is equipped with a RPG-7u and takes up station at the Bus Stop not far from the Dark Valley entrance.
  • Should the player reach the Tunnels, the pursuing helicopter will abandon the chase (and not resume it later)
  • The player may also opt to eliminate the RPG Gunner, commandeer his weaponry and take on the heli. If successful, although the heli will respawn shortly afterwards, it no longer strafes the player leaving the player with the minor inconveniences of the remaining Military units, the wildlife and the many anomalies.
  • Depending on how the optional plotlines are treated concerning interactions with the Sin leader Veles, the player will be visiting Darkscape up to three times during normal gameplay.

Side MissionsEdit

  • Two side missions have their focus within Darkscape:
  • One mission for the Loner trader Alex in Construction Site designated Help destroy the fuel cache involves destroying a fuel dump offshore from the Service Area occupied by the 15-strong Mercenary group stationed there.
  • Another mission may be obtained from Barkeep when relocated to the Outskirts Bar - Eliminate the mercs and involves this very group.
  • Combining the two missions is quite feasible and the player should bring a car to stash all of the gun loot.


  • There are very few blowout shelters on Darkscape.
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