Sadly, I have to admit there's a snitch in our ranks. His name is Pavlik. He's leaking valuable information, and that must be stopped. You must follow him to the farmstead and discover whose rat he is. He doesn't know you and isn't aware of our conversation either, so... He just left, so you'll have to catch up with him. Remember, you can and should bump him off, but only after he's exposed the agent he's ratting to. You'll have to eliminate the other guy, too.
- Lukash describing the mission

Deal with the snitch is an optional sidequest featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Obtaining the mission Edit

In order to acquire this mission, the player must complete Destroy the Duty company mission first. The mission is given by the leader of Freedom faction – Lukash.

Description Edit

Phase 1: Get to the farmstead. Edit

Pavlik new

Target: Pavlik.

This first part of the mission is simple; the player must go to the farmstead along the road to the Mercenary camp by the Army Warehouses. Pavlik will be waiting just outside the fence until the player arrives, then he goes inside towards the barn.

Phase 2: Wait until the snitch brings out his agent. Edit

The player will have to stay out of sight until and wait for Pavlik to walk into the barn at the far side of the farmstead, from there he contacts his agent to tell him to meet him. The mission will fail if the player kills Palvik before the go is given or if the player is seen.

It is strongly advised to NOT go through the front entrance farmstead as it can trigger a mission failure. Instead, go near (or through) the field of anomalies which are at the right side of the area.  Then, quietly sneak around the side of the barnyard. Then, upon hearing Pavlik's voice, move away from the building, as he may be able to see the player.

Phase 3: Get rid of the snitch. Edit

The player then has to kill Pavlik. The best way to do this is to walk across the yard and keep to the left of the barn door, then jump out and shoot the Pavlik before he can use his Chaser 13. Alternatively, if the player waits from a distance long enough, a pack of Pseudodogs may wander into the farmstead, which will easily overwhelm Pavlik and kill him.

However, it is important for Pavlik to die fast, because if he is still alive within a couple of seconds, it will trigger a mission failure.

Phase 4: Get rid of the agent. Edit


Target: Ara.

After Pavlik is eliminated, the player must kill the agent, a Mercenary named Ara. If he discovers Pavlik's body or is attacked by the player, he will either make a fighting retreat to the Mercenary outpost or face the player. He is escorted by three well-armed Mercenaries. If the player is feeling sneaky, one can wait at the roof of the farm where Pavlik camped down in and ambush Ara once he enters the area, or quickly go to the hill at the opposite side of the farm and snipe Ara, who will be come into perfect view once he enters the area.

Phase 5: Report to Lukash about the mission. Edit

After the Mercenaries have been dealt with, the player only has to go back to speak with Lukash to receive the reward.

Reward Edit

The successful completion of the mission earns the player's character 7000 RU and a bit of respect from Freedom. And whether one completes or fails this, this is a pre-requisite for the "Assist at Freedom's Barrier outpost" mission.


  • Sometimes a pack of dogs will come into the barn and kill Pavlik before he can bring out his agent, failing the mission.
  • This mission is the easiest way to obtain a Chaser 13 early on without making new enemies, as long as the player hasn't fired upon the Dutiers under Skull's command in Destroy the Duty company.
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