Damn, these punks just won't settle down! Fine, we'll have to teach them a lesson. Hey, stalker, want to help us for a reward? Talk to Max, our chief. You two will get a crew together and root out those suckers.
- Lukash


To start this mission, you should enter the Army Warehouses level. From there, you can see a trio of Freedomers, who will be killed by a neutral Duty squad. Keep going until you see a farmstead on the right-hand side; go there, and you will see the commander, Skull. Keep going on the road until you reach a Freedom checkpoint, then turn right and go into the base and keep going. After the tank there is a broken statue and a building with guards; talk to the one by the entrance and ask him to let you in, then go upstairs. On your left-hand side is a room with a stalker called Lukash. From there you can officially start the mission. He will tell you to go speak to Max, so go downstairs, out of the building and back to the tank, left, then you will find a group of Freedomers resting by a fire which has a pig or boar roasting above it. On its right is Max, a lone Freedomer standing by a box (this box has some loot, it is better to take it to help you against the Dutiers, and if you wish, sell it), talk to him and tell him what's up. They will all walk over to the bridge and start an attack briefing, so wait until they finish, then accompany them on to the Farmstead (it is a lot of fun and challenge to keep all Freedomers alive, especially Max). Kill the Dutiers and take your reward from Lukash.

Another method for completing this mission involves waiting to inform Lukash of the Duty company's presence until right after completion of Kill the tower sniper, but before confirming the kill with Skull. The reward for killing the sniper should be collected from Skull after revealing his presence to Lukash (the tower sniper mission will complete automatically, but you must speak with Skull afterward in order to actually receive the reward), and the mission to kill Lukash should be ignored or Freedom will become hostile. At this point the player needs to immediately rush to speak to Max in order to initiate Destroy the Duty company. When timed correctly, Skull's group will destroy the wall to the Freedom base right as Max and his squad are in the yard preparing to assault the farmstead, and the Duty company will have to contend with the entire Freedom base which usually results in their quick demise. The player will also have full access to the Freedom armory while the battle between the two factions is underway. If the player has a sufficient reputation level with both factions this can all be done while keeping both sides either neutral or friendly.


The Company is led by a tough-as-nails commander named Colonel Skull. The entire company is equipped with Exoskeletons and Tunder S14 rifles, with Skull using a VLA Special Assault Rifle, and it is indeed a tough fight with these hardened chaps, as they can easily tear you apart even with Max's strike team on your side.

Attacking these Duty stalkers slightly reduces your reputation with Duty, but if your reputation with Duty is not already negative, their base will not turn hostile. You'll receive the reward (7000 RU) after completing the mission deal with the snitch.

If the player does not attack any Duty members during this mission, instead leaving it to the Freedom squad to kill them all, no reputation is lost with Duty even if he is seen alongside the Freedom stalkers.

An easy way to help Freedom without directly engaging against Duty is to block the exit for the camp fire gathered party with boxes and barrels. Push the boxes that you find in the vicinity to block the exit from camp fire, then block it with barrels as well (oriented so they don't just roll off on push). Now leave all your heavy gear somewhere because you want to run to Freedom base and grab couple of red gas barrels from there (there are 2 right across from Lukash's building and you would need 2 trips). Place one inside closer to all the barricades you constructed earlier. Place second one just at the entrance to the shack where they are all gathered. Now report to Lukash and go meet Max to start mission. Then run like the wind and take the position on the roof of the farm building next to the shack. Now with a scoped rifle wait couple seconds once the assault starts so Freedom starts closing in, then you should shoot at the gas barrel to make it explode. With some luck you'll injure most of Duty members and make them easy targets for Freedom to destroy with grenades and rifles.

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