The current situation is unfavorable, the bandits are gathering in the areas of the Garbage and the Dark Valley. The best solution is to carry out two preemptive strikes at the same time! Our fighters will take on the valley, and you'll get the Garbage.
- Voronin

Destroy the bandits is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Obtaining the MissionEdit

  • This optional side-mission is given by the leader of the Duty faction General Voronin.
  • Player will need to have eliminated the Garbage dogpack and the pack of Fleshes in separate side-missions for Voronin before this mission will be offered.

Mission DetailsEdit

  • The Bandit group that Voronin wants you to retire is the same one that constantly respawns and attacks the Train hangar and harasses the player as he runs past them en route to Agroprom.
  • Since by this stage of the game the player is very likely far better equipped than the Bandits, this mission should not pose any problems.
  • Occasionally, Military detachments and packs of Pseudodogs spawn in the area or 'leak over' from Agroprom.
  • Flank attacks from initial cover at the southern side of the Train hangar and then the various piles of concrete pipes in the neighbourhood should be effective.
  • A scoped Obokan is ideal.
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