Have you ever run into a bloodsucker? Horrible thing, isn't it? Well the other day I went to the village by the military warehouses, thought I'd look for some artifacts. And imagine this: suddenly I see a bloodsucker, black, and with scars all over. He's sitting over the corpse, doesn't see me. I freaked out and made a run for it. I shouldn't have started running though, because he heard me and went after me, and there was all this howling all around me and then I understood that he wasn't alone. I think they have a lair there. If you could chase them away from there, I would give you a rare artifact that I found a couple of days ago.
- Hunter

Destroy the lair of the bloodsucker is an optional, repeatable mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


  • This mission is given by Hunter at 100 Rads bar after you do the Find the family rifle mission for him.
  • The mission may also be obtained independently of his other mission, and successfully completed prior to performing the other mission.

Completing the missionEdit

The Bloodsucker Hunter wants dead hangs out near the water tower in the village. You might want to combine this mission with the Kill the bloodsuckers in the village mission given by Skinflint.

Additional notesEdit

  • On top of the water tower itself you can find a rare artifact - Spring.
  • The mission is repeatable as noted in the Battery article, however, although Hunter gives the mission readily enough after a day or so, the mission is unlikely to be achievable a second time unless Player has completed his other mission to Find the family rifle and then asks for the bloodsucker mission again.

Reward Edit

A Battery artifact.

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