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Destroy the lair of wild mutant dogs at the Wild Territory is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

A few of our guys went on an expedition, came back alone. All torn up, bloody, glassy eyes. Ran into dogs, most likely. There's a whole pack of them there. So, find their lair and kill every last one of them.
- Barkeep

The mission is straight forward: go to the waypoint. shoot all the dogs. come back for a reward.

try to pick out as many as you can a medium ranged weapon, as they move in closer switch to an SMG or an automatic shotgun, backpedalling as you shoot. the dogs die easily but are agile and come in numbers. expect to expend lots of ammo durring this mission so it is recomended that you pack plenty of cheap low damage, high volume ammunition with an appropriate weapon to win. the white dogs are the pack leaders and are more dangerous than the brown dogs, and sometimes even psuedodogs. Later in the game (possibly triggered by killing the Bloodsuckers in the Warehouses) the dogs may be assisted by a Bloodsucker and a few snorks, although they may be in the same place as the dogs for a different reason. An easier (and much safer) way to do this quest is to get the horde to chase you, then climb up one of the many ladders in the territory. Since dogs cannot climb ladders, you can easily pick them off with a weapon of your choice.

Acquiring the mission Edit

The mission is given by Barkeep.

Reward Edit

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