Destroy the pseudodogs is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Our allies have notified us about the discovery of a lair of monsters on the territory by the military warehouses. We believe it's a pack of pseudodogs. We shouldn't be messing around in that area right now, so it's an assignment for a neutral. Are you in?
- Voronin

Acquiring the Mission Edit

  • General Voronin will issue this side-mission after the player has eliminated the Bandit camp in the Garbage during the Destroy the bandits mission.
  • It is the fourth of his repeatable side mission series.

Completing the Mission Edit

  • The dogpack is located in Army Warehouses north of the farmhouse where Pavlik was to meet Ara, at the edge of the Zone, very close to the Flame Battery placement point. In fact, they're guarding it and a potential stash nearby.
  • The dogpack is composed of 6-8 regular blind dogs but a pair of Grey pseudodogs may be in the area as well.

Notes Edit

  • The area is slightly radioactive, intensely so near the battery and stash.
  • There may be Mercenaries at the farmhouse but they may have spawned in the campfire and be deceased as a result.
  • The farmhouse is worth a visit in any event and could provide a box or two of 5.56x45mm AP ammo.
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