Destroy the security post of the Mercs is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

Lately there's been an increase in the activity of groups of Mercs, there's been a few attacks on the scientists, researchers working in the zone. We can't leave that unpunished. We need to carry out a small punitive operation. The goal: the security post of the Mercs by the military warehouses, behind the abandoned village.
- General Voronin

Acquiring the missionEdit

  • The mission is given by General Voronin.
  • It is the sixth of his repeatable mission series.

Completing the missionEdit

  • This mission takes place at the Merc outpost in the north-western part of the Army Warehouses area.
  • It is a very simple mission: the mercenaries are all contained within a small compound that's closed on three sides. There are usually just four of them, sometimes one or two may be Experts wearing exoskeletons. Three of the mercenaries will normally be found in the front part of the outpost by the gate and crates. A fourth merc is in the northwest corner and stays there even when you attack his comrades.

Because of the small area in which the target mercenaries are contained, both sniper rifles and grenades are highly effective for beginning the firefight.


  • See InfoBox.


Not very much can go wrong with this mission except:

  • The mercenaries at the farmhouse will converge on the camp from that direction.
  • If the player approaches the Bloodsucker Village too closely the attention of the inhabitants may be attracted.
  • A Controller is unlikely to stray close enough to cause serious problems but rifle aim can be affected.
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