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There's one delicate matter, but our guys definitely shouldn't be involved in it. The presence of neutrals on the factory at Agroprom isn't advantageous for our allies. Here's the assignment: free the promzone from the presence of stalkers, no matter who they are and what group they belong to. Understood?
- General Voronin

Destroy the stalkers' camp is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Mission AcquisitionEdit

  • The mission is given by General Voronin.
  • It is the seventh mission in his repeatable mission series.

The missionEdit


  • The Help the stalkers fight off the bandits at Agroprom from Barkeep may be activated as the player enters Agroprom.
  • If the player gains a favourable result for that mission, completing the mission for Voronin will void Barkeep's mission. Failure is not even logged in the PDA.
  • The stalker camp in question faces a variety of threats that may operate in the player's favour. Namely, Bandits, Military and Bloodsuckers are all out to exterminate the stalkers too.
  • Careful timing and action (or inaction) by the player may be employed while the other hostiles assist in eliminating the camp.
  • Sometimes the player can face a problem of downed stalkers: they will not be finished off by Bandits or Military, so one will be forced to kill them in case the completion of the quest is needed.
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