Detectors are devices built with the purpose of revealing artifacts.

Characteristics Edit

A detector acts both as a Geiger counter and anomaly detector while in passive mode however, one will need to draw out the actual detector to find artifacts in the middle of most anomaly fields. The accuracy, range, detectable artifact database and ease of use of a detector depends on its model. The more advanced the detector is the better it works in the field but also the less common and more expensive it is.

Known detectors Edit

Notes Edit

  • Detectors were first introduced in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and continued in Call of Pripyat since in these two games artifacts were hidden from the player's sight.
  • Though not available in Shadow of Chernobyl single-player, detectors are still implemented in the game's code and are functional (as anomaly detectors) if somehow obtained.
  • An "Anomaly Detector" can be purchased in Shadow of Chernobyl multiplayer and it uses the same skin as the "Elite Detector" that was left out of single player. If you purchase it, it will beep when you are in proximity to an anomaly just like in single-player, without it there will be no warning.
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