Listen. Once there was a military motor column here transporting gas which didn't make it. No one knows what happened...
- Owl

R. Yu. Didenko is mentioned in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Call of Pripyat Edit

R. Yu. Didenko is the Headquarters Commander that issued Order No. 562 which led to an ill-fated convoy carrying A canister of Perin B3 gas over the Preobrazhensky Bridge, where a copy of the order can be found. This order states that, as HQ Commander, Didenko is responsible for the secure transport of a canister of Perin B3 gas. When the canister did not arrive to sector A19 for field testing, an investigation was launched and a team sent to the bridge in hopes of finding the lost unit. When several members of the team fell victim to the Zone's Mutants, anomalies, and zombified stalkers, the investigation was called off. Didenko was removed from his position and later discharged from the Military.

Rumors have circulated that Didenko will show up at the Skadovsk from time to time dressed like a stalker and buy drinks hoping to learn something of what might have happened to Unit #423. Knowing of the Zone's dangers, Didenko is far too cowardly to go to the bridge himself. On a clear day, which is rare in the Zone, a gray-haired stalker can sometimes be seen climbing the southern dock crane and spend hours looking at the bridge with binoculars.

Notes Edit

The four documents carried by Unit #423 can be sold to Owl.

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