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Wild Napr the leader of the Diggers.

Damn this shitty digger existence of ours...

Wild Napr

Well, brother, it's a hard-knock life for a digger...


Diggers are the groups of Stalkers that dig through the large radioactive heaps of junk in the Garbage featuring prominently in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

They dig in the heaps searching for anything that they can sell to earn a living. The Diggers hope to get rich by finding rare components or artifacts in the anomalies and radioactive hot spots. Not only do they have to cope with anomalies and radiation, they are also often attacked by mutants.


The Diggers are not a strong military force and are only armed with the basic weapons needed to survive in the Zone. The leader of the Diggers, Wild Napr, does his best to hold them together as an organised group. The Diggers have established a base of sorts named the “Flea Market” in the ruins of a building in the Garbage. It is here that they carry out their trading, mostly during the night, because of the threat from the local Bandits. The roaming squads of Bandits sometimes rob Diggers of any good finds that they are able to dig up. The Bandits have checkpoints at the exits from the Garbage where they rob or extort the Diggers. This makes it difficult for the Diggers to get a good price from buyers outside the Garbage, for any rarities that they have discovered. The Bandits have also set up a concentration camp, where they force captive Diggers to work for them in hazardous areas. Wild Napr plans to arm the Diggers with better weapons, in the hope that they will become a force strong enough to take on the Bandits. They will then be able to free the captives held in the concentration camp.

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