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"Diplomat" icon.

You know how to solve a problem peacefully. Who needs brute force when simple words can resolve a dispute just as well? Nonetheless, you should watch out for people that shoot first and ask questions later.

Diplomat is an achievement in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Earning the Achievement[]

To obtain this achievement, the player must complete the side quests Debts and Hostage through the peaceful option:

  • To complete Debts, accept to pay off Vano's debt with Jack. Whether the player pays the 2000 RU of interest or not does not affect the outcome.
  • To complete Hostage, pay Shishak with 15000 RU or one of the requested artifacts. While leaving the complex with Mitay, accept to pay Dwarf's bribe. If the mission is completed without triggering combat, it will count towards obtaining the achievement.


Relationship with the Loners, Bandits, Duty and Freedom is increased. This is helpful if the player loses reputation with certain factions.