Disable the Brain Scorcher is one of the key mandatory missions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl .


Ss kge 05-06-12 11-57-11 (l10u bunker)

The first section of the lab that contains the mechanism that operates the Brain Scorcher

The Brain Scorcher is a psi-emitting machine designed by the C-Consciousness to brainwash stalkers who got too close to the center of the Zone and therefore too close to discovering their operations. Therefore, it stands to reason that this is the reason why there are at least a hundred Monolithians in the area around it who attempt to kill you as you traverse the map on your mission.


The Brain Scorcher was developed by the C-Consciousness within the Zone after the second explosion. According to the C-Consciousness , a network of psi-fields was set up throughout the Zone , which means that the Brain Scorcher is one of many. This could also mean that the "miracle machine" (the psi-brain) in the Yantar factory is one such device as well.

The factories were already in place to construct the antennae and other equipment needed to make the psi-emitting devices, so the Zone was one of the best places to experiment with psi-emissions; the C-

Ss kge 05-06-12 12-01-38 (l10u bunker)

One of the many hallways in the underground lab

Consciousness was trying to affect the Noosphere.


The machine that you use to deactivate the emitters is located deep within an underground lab in the Red Forest. The tunnels are pretty linear, so you won't actually get lost, though the process of traversing them is time-consuming and there are three or four bloodsuckers at various points in the level. Be careful when you deactivate the machine, though, because you will black out and when you come to Monolith warriors invade the bunker to try and kill you and you will have to shoot your way out.

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