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Get away from me! I'll deal with the beasts myself! This will show them! They'll never call me rookie again!


Drifter (Russian: Бродяга / Brodyaga) is a young rookie stalker appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


He is a bit insecure as he was greatly angered at other stalkers calling him a "rookie" and went off to kill a pack of blind dogs by himself to disprove them.


Clear Sky[]

Wolf, concerned about him sends Scar off to rescue him from a pack of blind dogs. It is best if the dogs are killed as quickly as possible, as they will soon overwhelm and kill Drifter, resulting in a failed mission. Occasionally the last 1-2 dogs will run off at some distance, distracting the player from the mission to protect and escort Drifter. Despite him wearing a Sunrise suit, he only uses a PMm pistol. Wolf will give 750 RU for successfully rescuing and escorting him back to the rookie village. If the player lets Drifter get too far ahead when escorting him back to the village the mission will fail. A PMm pistol and 50 rounds of 9x18mm ammunition can be found on Drifter's body after he dies when back in the village.


  • Either because of a glitch or from his wounds from fighting the pack of dogs, he almost certainly dies in the spot he sits on after a while. That being the case, the player would be wise to ask him for any important stash coordinates as soon as possible.
  • Due to a glitch he doesn't give to Scar coordinates to stash with 3rd pendrive with shotgun upgrade, even if asked for it. There are many fixes available for this, though, including direct fix for Drifter which allows player to get stash coordinates upon asking him for it (link to GameFront page), changing Wolf's reward which includes said pendrive or, if mission is already complete, just using spawner to give this flashdrive to player's inventory (link to StrategyInformer. Also, first of said fixes is included in mod called "Sky Reclamation Project", which along with this improves game in many other ways (link to GSC Game World forum page).
  • A glitch can sometimes occur (especially at night) where the dogs do not attack Drifter. There is a pack of dogs to the west and another pack to the northeast of Drifter. If the player kills the dogs when they do not attack Drifter,  Drifter will die at the coordinates where the player is sent to meet him and the misssion will fail. If the dogs do not attack Drifter, exiting the level to restart the mission usually fixes this glitch.
  • In original localization, Drifter's and Strider's name is the same: Brodyaga.