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Let's have a look... So that's how it went down... I don't think the others need to know this. It would be better if nobody ever sees this PDA again. Let the legend of Duty's creation stay as it is. Will you sell me this PDA?

Well, as long as it's got something useful on it... Wow, that's real interesting. They keep spreading their bullshit propaganda throughout the Zone, but as it turns out, their own history is full of crap. I'd love to give this a thorough read. Listen, I'll pay you well for this PDA.

Duty History is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


In order to unlock the mission, the player must destroy a Space Anomaly located at the Cooling Tower in Yanov. In order to destroy the anomaly, the player must acquire a Svarog detector, which can be acquired by:

  • Completing the side mission Tempting Business from Owl. Beard will give the player a Svarog detector at some point in the mission.
  • Completing several missions for the Ecologists. After getting the Research Assistant achievement, Professor Hermann will sell Svarog detectors for 7500RU.
  • If the player has sided with Beard against Sultan and delivered the Compass to him rather than Sultan, the player can take an artifact order from Beard and kill either Crest or Sledgehammer to loot a Svarog from them. However, it has the downside of making artifact orders unavailable from the rest of the game.

NOTE: Destroying the anomaly is required as part of a quest given by Hermann after planting the first series of anomaly detectors, although it is not required to get the quest to detect the anomaly.

Once the player has found a Svarog, they must go to the Cooling Tower, north of the scientists' bunker. When one approaches the building with the detector out, the space anomaly will show up. Approaching as close as possible to the anomaly with the detector will cause it to implode.

Five bodies of Duty members will fall out of the anomaly, along with a medkit, AKM-74/2 and AC-96/2 assault rifles. Loot the body of the Exoskeleton-clad stalker. It turns out to be Tachenko, Duty's founder. Grab his PDA and it will trigger the quest.

The quest has three outcomes:

  • Sell the PDA to Shulga - He will tell the player that they will stick to their history of soldiers abandoned in the Zone by the military. He gives the player 4000RU, a Tunder S14, and ammunition for it. This outcome contributes towards getting the A Friend of Duty achievement.
  • Sell the PDA to Loki - He will tell the player he will spread the news about the story of Duty being fake. He gives 4000RU, an SGI-5k, and ammo for it. This outcome contributes towards getting the A Friend of Freedom achievement.
  • Sell the PDA to Owl - He will give the player 2500RU for it, making it by far the less profitable outcome. However, it contributes towards getting the A Man of Balance achievement.

Either way, the quest is completed once the player has sold the PDA to someone.


  • Despite Tachenko's PDA remarking about Kosmach shooting two people then himself, all the weapons in the Space Anomaly are fully loaded.