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The rifle's inventory number is carefully marked on it with white paint. This degree of thoroughness suggests that it belongs to a Duty soldier.

In-game description

The Duty member's assault rifle is a unique AC-96/2 featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Apart from the name and description, the Duty member's assault rifle is identical in appearance and performance to an ordinary AC96/2. It cannot be upgraded, but can be repaired by any technician and fitted with both a silencer and a PSO-1 scope. Like its parent weapon, it has three firing modes: single shots, 2 shot burst and automatic fire.


The Duty member's assault rifle is a quest item for a Duty squad leader in the Agroprom, most likely located near the northern entrance to the Garbage. The weapon is located in a box in the Loners base in the center of the map, in which the owner of the weapon forgot it after a night of heavy drinking.