Attention Freedom! This is Duty territory, get the hell away from the warehouse!

Lieutenant Gavrilenko

Sure thing, just give us a moment to stock up on some ammo.

Duty warehouse is a side mission in Call of Pripyat, which is triggered by giving Morgan's PDA to either Lieutenant Colonel Shulga or Loki.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The objective is easy and simple: giving Morgan's PDA to either of the faction leaders will trigger the side mission that allows the player to loot the Duty warehouse and the respective faction will control the warehouse.

  • If the player gives the PDA to Loki, he will send a squad led by Kremen to help Gaiduk's men defend the warehouse against a Duty counterattack.
  • If the player gives the PDA to Colonel Shulga, he will send a squad led by Lieutenant Gavrilenko to eliminate the Freedom forces guarding the warehouse.

When taking the warehouse, a gunfight will inevitably take place but the strike force of the faction the player gives the PDA to will normally be the victors, even without the player's assistance. In the exceedingly rare case where the other faction wins, they will become hostile to the player if he approaches the cabin with the ladder to the warehouse.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The rewards are 4000RU on the spot from the faction leader, a large reputation boost/decrease, and the opportunity to loot the warehouse which contains:

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