An experimental electromagnetic rifle used for incapacitating electronic devices from a distance. Ineffective against live targets. Powered by accumulator batteries.
- In-game description

The EM1 Rifle is a precursor to the Gauss Rifle only featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Originally a prototype weapon created as part of a project in the Zone (before the 2006 incident) scrapped in 2004, prototypes of the said weapon were later seized by the Clear Sky faction (likely because some of its members were part of The Group) who turned the weapon in a powerful rifle capable of unleashing powerful electromagnetic bursts through fragments of the Flash artifact.

Likely due to its early prototype nature, the EM1 Rifle has a much lower fire rate (20 RPM instead of 30), making delays between shots much longer and very noticeable. As well, the damage per shot is a mere 14, though the weapon's role was mainly to damage electrical devices.


The EM1 Rifle is given by Lebedev to the player at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in order to disable Strelok's psi-protection device, in an attempt to make the Zone more stable. However, after Strelok's psi-protection was disabled, the Zone released a devastating emission that either incapacitated, killed, or zombified everyone around it. Most of those who lived were inducted into the Monolith ranks or became agents of the Common Consciousness.

The weapon was later seized by the Monolith faction, and then evolved into a highly-lethal weapon known as the Gauss rifle.


  • The game files still contain a powerful EM1 Rifle identical in stats to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Gauss Rifle rendition. It is simply referred to as wpn_gauss within the game's code, much like the Gauss Rifle itself in each of its appearances. The said weapon is never used in-game, but could be spawned with the help of modding.
  • Even though the in-game description states that the weapon is ineffective against live targets, the EM1 is actually able to deal a small amount of damage per shot. With headshots it is possible to kill the Monolith snipers that ambush the player on the pipeline.
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