(If the player has joined Freedom, he may recieve coordinates in the Garbage)
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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
[[File:Ss martin 06-27-15 19-51-02 (agroprom).jpg|thumb|220x220px|The stash itself|left]]
[[File:Ss martin 06-27-15 19-51-11 (agroprom).jpg|thumb|220x220px|Content|centre]]
Ss martin 06-27-15 19-51-02 (agroprom).jpg|The stash itself
Ss martin 06-27-15 19-51-11 (agroprom).jpg|Content
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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Come Easter, Tony made us make stashes for the clan. I stuck one of these "Easter eggs" in a log.
- PDA description

Easter eggs is a stash featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Location Edit

  • Stash is located in forest close to the railway tunnel in the most north-east part of the Agroprom Research Institute.

Notes Edit

  • The forest is filled with radiation and gravitational anomalies, therefore careful approach is advised.
  • Bandits may take over the camp on the rails (that one with the train car) and may cause a problem.
  • The stash is not far from another stash named "Cylinders on grave" containing Flash drive with data on a machine gun muzzle break.
  • If the player has joined Freedom faction, he may recieve the coordinates in the Garbage from dead Duty soldiers sent from Agroprom Research Institute to attack outpost controlled by Freedom.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the PDA description a stalker named Tony is mentioned. He is presumably part or maybe even leader of unknown clan or group of stalkers. His name is mentioned again in a PDA description of another stash named "Cache in the ventilation duct" located at the Yantar factory.
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