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A smoothbore combat revolver-type shotgun intended to provide extreme firepower for militarized units. The weapon benefits from a large magazine and a high effective rate of fire, but its bulkiness and considerable weight, combined with a long reload time, are the price to be paid for these advantages. Rare in the Zone and is used primarily to clear closed spaces of mutants.

In-game description

The Eliminator is a shotgun featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The Eliminator has by default a 12-round mag capacity. It has a fairly high fire rate and can fire slugs as well as buckshots. The Eliminator is the only shotgun that could be mounted with a SUSAT scope and any of its variants.

The Eliminator has by far the best overall stats out of any shotgun, losing only in handling to other shotguns (excluding the Predator, which has slightly more damage and is practically matched in accuracy) - and tied with the Hunting rifle for damage per shell. Surprisingly it weighs less than the SPSA-14, as it does in real life. Its most lacking area is accuracy - it has a fairly wide spread, roughly on par with a stock Hunting rifle. Using the sights, however, gives roughly a 20% boost to accuracy and slightly dampens recoil. Notably, even when fully upgraded for accuracy, the Eliminator's actual accuracy with buckshot and slugs alike is in fact lower than the SPSA-14 and Chaser 13, despite having a supposedly higher stat in-game. This is because accuracy is calculated from several variables like actual accuracy, recoil, etc. It is outclassed in accuracy by the Carabiner which, with upgrades, can get a similar fire rate, full-auto fire mode and same capacity.

Despite this, it's still a very good shotgun for the early to mid-game, although one may opt for the Predator in later parts of the game as it offers better damage per shot.


Nimble sells this shotgun for a hefty fee. Jack is the first NPC the player will see carrying one. Late-game, it can be found on high-tier NPCs such as expert Loners, Bandits, veteran Duty Stalkers, and Monolith fighters. Near the end of the game, it can be found in the hands of the Monolith Master. Hawaiian may sell this shotgun if the player sides with Duty in Yanov.

One can also be found hidden in an upside desk in the Jupiter Factory next to the documents Hermann sends the player to find. Another can be found in a stash in the Testing Workshop in Zaton. It is accessible from the catwalks at the top of the room.


The Eliminator can be upgraded by Nitro and Cardan, and repaired by any technician. It has a full array of upgrades available (three tiers), which can provide increased accuracy, rate of fire, reliability, or handling, as well as reducing recoil. It can be upgraded to fire fully automatic, just like the SPSA-14 and the Chaser 13. The Eliminator is one of the best weapons to use against mutants, so players might want to bring one with them into the Jupiter Underground and into Lab X-8.

The Eliminator can be fitted with a SUSAT Scope with the only advantage being providing better accuracy than the gun's unreliable iron sights. The best SUSAT variant for the Eliminator is arguably the short-range 1.6x SUSAT Scope, as any greater magnification would be practically negligible unless one tries to use the shotgun as a long-range weapon.


The Protecta in Build 1098

The Eliminator is modelled after the Armsel Protecta. It is one of the first weapons developed for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. A texture sheet that is different than the one used in Call of Pripyat appeared in Build 1098, but disappeared in subsequent builds.


  • Sometimes while reloading, a rare bug may occur, causing the player to continue loading shells into the drum past the 12 round limit. This will carry on until the reload sequence is disturbed or all shells in the inventory are loaded into the shotgun.
  • Strangely, this weapon's world model has the stock folded up, while in first-person, the upgrade model has the stock unfolded.
  • Unlike most weapons in-game, this weapon's model is not flipped compared to its real life counterpart. It shares this trait with the RPG-7u and the Bulldog 6.
  • The Eliminator has an unique sprint animation in both first and third person views - in FPS it's not just sped-up running animation, but the weapon is aimed down while sprinting and in third person weapon is leaning on player's shoulder instead of player holding it in both hands. The third-person animations are shared with the Bulldog 6.
  • The in-game description suggests that the Eliminator is a heavy weapon. However, it's as light as the Chaser 13 and weighs only 3 kg. when unloaded. It may suggest that during development, the Eliminator had the same weight as its real life counterpart (which is 4.2 kg).
  • For whatever reason, any SUSAT scope mounted on the Eliminator is not visible in third person - this can be seen with console commands or during cutscenes. This also includes scoped Eliminators wielded by NPCs.



  1. Eliminator sold by Nimble - not different to the regular Eliminator except it can trigger the Reputation mission.