Evacuation points of military in the game

Evacuation Points of Military are the designated points for the evacuation, in a case of emergency, of the Stingray squad taking part in Operation Fairway, in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. The locations of these points are obtained from the wreck of Stingray 3. There are 3 evacuation points in the game: B-2, B-205, B-28.

B-2[edit | edit source]

This point is the Skadovsk in Zaton. When the player asks Beard whether the military was there or not, Beard says "no". Stingray 3 and Stingray 5 crashed in Zaton, but instead of going to B-2, survivors  took refuge in Noah's Ark, before linking up with the remaining crew of Stingray 1 and leaving for Pripyat. Stingray 2 also crashed in Zaton, but none of its crew survived.

B-205[edit | edit source]

Evacuation point B-205 is at the Volkhov AA Complex in Yanov. The only Stingray crew member that got here was Lt. Sokolov, co-pilot of Stingray 4, making his way from the Jupiter factory, where the chopper crashed. Actually, as the airborne operation failed, Kovalsky designated B-28 as the emergency evacuation point, but Sokolov's chopper went down before this message reached them, so he headed for nearest Volkov. Sokolov spent two days here, waiting for other squad members to show up, before being found by Gary and escorted to the scientist's bunker.  In the building the player finds Sokolov's Note, containing a message from him in which he states that he moved to the scientist's bunker, as well as the code to the door of the site's armory. The note can be returned to him for a small reward. The player must be careful here, because a horde of zombie resides here.

B-28[edit | edit source]

This point is the River Port in Pripyat. Investigating this point will be automatically completed when the player reaches Pripyat. This is the same spot from which the remaining force will be evacuated at the conclusion of the game, by a new airborne operation called into Pripyat by the Military (Evacuation).

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