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False Claims.Edit

Is a mission that involves the exposure of the thieving stalker, Magpie (Flint, his name as a Freedom member).

Starting the Quest.Edit

  • Finding and reaching the Oasis. (Oasis)
  • Acquiring the maps from the Stingray-2 crash site and giving them to Pilot, at Skadovsk. (Area Maps)
  • Succesfully finishing the Bloodsucker Lair quest given to you by Grouse. (Bloodsucker Lair)
  • Setting down all six anomaly scanners throughout Yanov's anomalous fields. (Anomalous Studies)
  • Killing the Chimera in Yanov at the Ventilation Complex at night. (Night Hunt )
  • Succesfully rescuing Mitay, On the a mission given to you by Grizzly at Yanov Station. (Hostage)

These objectives can be done out of order and at any given time, as long as you manage to finish them succesfully.

Once you have finished at least a few of the objectives listed above, Flint will lie about helping stalkers in Zaton, This is the lead to revealing that Flint, The bragging freedom member, Is actually Magpie.

A lead to expose a coward.Edit

You can then find a stalker named "Splinter" at the Quarry lying down injured amongst chemical anomalies near the center of the anomalous field and he will request your assistance. However, he cannot be saved through any type of action, either by offering him safe transport to the Yanov doctor or giving him a medkit.

Upon failing to rescue the injured stalker, you will learn from the dieing stalker that he had found an artifact, got hurt in a chemical anomaly and was left there to die by his companion, The quest Retribution will begin, where you must find out who had abandoned Splinter at the Quarry.

When you return to Yanov Station, Flint will brag about an artifact he had found in the Quarry after looking for it completely alone. You can then talk to him and accuse him of stealing this said artifact from the doomed stalker, he will deny those accusations and tell you that you can't prove anything as he says that it's your word against a Freedom member.

You can then turn him in to the Loners at Skadovsk (by talking to Gonta), Getting you closer to the A Friend of Stalkers achievement, Talking to Loki, the Freedom faction leader, Getting you closer to the A Friend of Freedom achievement or Lt. Col. Shulga, the leader of Duty, Getting you closer to the A Friend of Duty. Finishing the quest, siding with any of the people previously said, will award you with the achievement, Courier of Justice .


  • The achievement, Courier of Justice, is actually glitched, you are supposed to receive the loot that Magpie has collected throughout his lies, but you receive nothing, nor in your inventory or personal stash anywhere in Yanov or Zaton. 
  • There is a rare bug that can occur, when you inform Loki about Flint, that turns every NPC in the game hostile.

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