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It is where you tell the hunter in the first ship that flint is actually Magpie the thief stalker for a different quest, when complete the Magpie quest and false claims will be completed.

To start the quest, you can do the following;

- Find the Oasis

- Give Pilot the maps from Zaton to Jupiter

- Kill the bloodsuckers in the Bloodsucker Lair quest.

(I recommend doing the first and second, as its not very hard.)

(Also, this already exists, search up In Search of Magpie for a better guide than this.)

You can then find Splinter in the quarry at the middle(?) and he will request a medkit. However, he dies no matter what you do, and starts the quest, Redemption, where you must find out who had killed Splinter. Once you return to Yanov Station, Flint will brag about an artifact he had found in the Quarry. You can then talk to Flint, and he will deny that he had killed Splinter in the quarry and stolen the artifact. You can then turn him in to the Loners at the Skadovsk (by talking to Gonta) then complete the quest. You will get an achivement, Courier of Justice.

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