Just leave him there is nothing we can do for him. The blowout is minutes away and we won't get through with him.
- Fang

Fang was a member of Strelok's Group and one of his closest friends.


He spoke with a slight stutter and talked to himself, making other stalkers a bit uncomfortable in his presence, but overall, he was considered to be a level-headed guy. Additionally, he was a technical genius, having assembled the decoder for the electronic door beneath the Chernobyl NPP Sarcophagus, stashed in Pripyat following one of his excursions into the center of the Zone with Doctor and Ghost.

As the only one in Strelok's group with heavy armor, it is likely that he also served as the group's muscle when necessary.[source/verification needed]


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Fang's goodies

The stash where Fang was supposedly buried in.

Fang's grave is located in Pripyat, however, this conflicts with Ghost's statement that he was shot and killed by a scarred stalker in the village near the Army Warehouses as it would be highly impractical for anyone to haul Fang's body from the Army Warehouses over to Pripyat, just to bury him there (a thing to note is that a message between Ghost and Strelok mentions "A scarred man with a Vintar", leaving it that it is a possible reference to Scar). A possible explanation is that he actually survived the shooting, where Ghost thought he died, and he later returned to Pripyat, only to die there. Some of his goods were buried with him, including his unique Exoskeleton PNB-4UZ, and a very rare Mama's Beads artifact. In Shadow of Chernobyl, a PDA entry also says that Fang was shot by a sniper in Pripyat, presumably upon returning to Pripyat after being left for dead by the group. If this is the case, it is extremely ironic considering his only speaking role in a cut scene is him ordering Ghost to leave Strelok for dead.

Clear SkyEdit

He, along with Strelok and Ghost, managed to reach the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant through Pripyat Underground, bypassing the Brain Scorcher. They managed to infiltrate the sarcophagus, but were stopped by a sealed door secured with a key code lock. Forced to retreat, they grabbed valuable artifacts on their way out, but were noticed by the C-Consciousness, which unleashed a powerful blowout (known as the Second Emission) in retaliation, hoping to kill them. However, they managed to narrowly escape. After leaving the wounded Strelok under Doctor's care, they decided to locate electronic parts so that Fang could create a decoder.

Fang is chased by Scar during Clear Sky using a lead he obtained from Lebedev, Sidorovich and Chekhov respectively, where he was buying parts to assemble the decoder for the door in Reactor #4. During his trip to the Garbage he dropped his PDA and a Flash drive with data on reinforced army body armor for a SEVA suit, along with some other equipment in a basement rigged by Bandits underneath the Flea Market.

Call of PripyatEdit

Fang is mentioned in notes found in three stashes in Yanov. In one of them, Strelok left behind his lucky SGI-5k with instructions for Fang to give it to Ghost if he didn't make it back from the sarcophagus, but none of them ever retrieved it.

Fang's actual grave?Edit

Fang's cross

Fang's supposed grave in the Bloodsucker village. The word "Клык" or "Fang" can be found in the center.

In Shadow of Chernobyl, there is an indication that Fang was actually buried in the Army warehouses and not Pripyat. If one sets their graphic settings high enough, they can make out the writings on a stalker's grave cross in the Army warehouses' bloodsucker village that has the Russian words: "Клык", which translates to canine or "Fang" in English. Also, there's a written date of his year of birth and death : 1971/2008. This would strongly go with Ghost's story of Fang being shot and killed in the Army Warehouses.

However, in the description of "Fang's goodies" stash in Pripyat, it says that: "They buried Fang in Pripyat under a monument. They left all of his goodies with him...." which would conflict this as it says that Fang was buried in Pripyat, unless that this grave was actually false to deter someone who would not want Fang's grave to be disturbed.

It is also possible however that this was an oversight on the developer's part, an abandoned story concept, or that there were more than one stalkers who were nicknamed Fang (in fact, given how numerous the population of the Zone is, it is unlikely that everyone can get their own, unique nickname).

Notes Edit

  • The Pripyat Underground, a section cut from Clear Sky, is suggested to be the place where Scar would have fought and wounded Fang. The level returns, renamed to Jupiter Underground in Call of Pripyat.
  • One possible explanation for Fang apparently having two graves is that, assuming he was dead, Ghost returned to the Military Warehouses and erected a memorial to him, not knowing that he'd survived his fight with the "scarred stalker." Fang would then have been given a proper burial when his body was discovered in Pripyat.
  • It is likely that Fang's grave was moved to Pripyat to prevent the player from acquiring what can be argued to be the game's best suit of armor at such an early stage of the game.

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