They buried Fang in Pripyat under a monument. They left all of his goodies with him - it's not right to take away from the dead.

PDA description

Fang's goodies is a stash in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The stash is located in central part of Pripyat, in the middle of a large plaza/square.

Obtaining the infoEdit

You get the location of the stash from the body of one of the lone stalkers in Yantar. Considering there's only one dead stalker in this area (immediately after you enter the tunnels while exiting from X16) this means that if you don't get the information from that particular body you have to hope that one of the lone stalkers roaming the area, after you revisit Yantar, meets his untimely demise.


Anytime when you're in Yantar (preferrably when you do the X-16 mission) you will need to kill any loner in the vicinity. Then you must reload the game or exit and revisit Yantar. Search any dead loners you find, as there is chance that you will get the desired co-ordinates. You are more likely to get the co-ordinates from the dead loner in the tunnels below Yantar.


  • There seems to be a small inconsistency in the game itself as to where Fang is buried exactly. More information available here.
  • It appears that by killing any loner in the Yantar area, and exiting/reloading the game soon after, you may find the stash co-ordinates on any recently killed loners.
  • If you try the tip mentioned above, you may want to reload the game until you get the desired co-ordinates.


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