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I can lead men to great things! I know it!

Father Valerian

Father Valerian (Otets Valerian / Отец Валерьян) was the leader of the Loner faction during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Previous history[]

He has been in the exclusion zone since 2000 and originally made a living salvaging scrap found in it. When the Zone initially appeared, his group was spooked but continued on with their lives. Everything changed when they found their first artifact (which was never specified) and in his own words, "It was worth its weight in gold!"


Clear Sky[]

He can be found in the Loner's main base in the Cordon. He apparently masterminded the kidnapping of Major Khaletskiy, so as to recover the loot the Major stole off the Loners.

Conversation between Valerian and his right hand man Vasiliy aka Squint

Vasiliy remember how you promised to get me some shooters?


Its not that I mind Valerian! But think about how the army's going to wonder why I sold weapons to stalkers...


And you think about this? Vasiliy if we dont put some heat on those army boys now they're gonna bleed us dry!


Alright Valerian, tomorrow my man is going to bring you everything I've got.


If inquired, Father Valerian will claim to Scar that he will expand his Loner base. However, in the events of Shadow of Chernobyl, the base is completely derelict save for rookie Loners and Fleshes.


  • After Clear Sky: In Shadow of Chernobyl, Father Valerian is nowhere to be found. However, a document found in Pripyat, describes that the other faction leaders are either confirmed KIA, killed either in the faction war or at the hands of their own men.[source/verification needed]
  • He has the title "Father" along with his name which would indicate he is a priest of a religion. However he nor the other stalkers does not mention anything about Valerian's priesthood.
  • He is one of only two people in the series to have the title of Father, the other being Father Diodor.
  • Unused sound files refer to Valerian's priesthood much more strongly, such as "You were sent to me by the hand of God, only I don't really know why or what for...". It is unknown why the lines are unused.
  • Father Valerian's corpse can be found, along with other dead Loners, in the Red Forest near the Space Anomaly; presumably killed by roaming mutants. However, he can still be found at the Stalker base, alive, even after finding his dead body. This is probably all that remains of an old "Clear Sky" storyline where the Zone could duplicate its inhabitants during emissions.[source/verification needed]