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Initial dialogueEdit


"Some guy from the Big Land asked for a Jellyfish. It's not a lot of money, but it's a milk run. Take it!"

Mission InformationEdit


  • Find a Jellyfish
  • Return it to Sidorovich for payment


  • 1500 RU
  • Bottle of Vodka

Walkthrough Edit

There are several ways one can obtain the Jellyfish artifact, two involving non-random item placements, in the early stages of the game in Cordon.

  1. Wolf's first side quest - Destroy the boar lair. One of the artifacts found at this cache is a Jellyfish
  2. The stash north of the Carpark also contains a single Jellyfish artifact.
  3. In the mission to rescue Nimble from the bandits in the Car Park, there is a moderate chance that one of the bandits there would have the artifact spawned in their inventory.
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