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Well, there is something. I collect information about the Zone. Actually, I am mostly interested in its secrets, secrets that can help stalkers survive. Stuff like walking through an anomaly without protection, you know? Well, one day this stalker comes to see me, claiming he can stand right in the middle of a chemical anomaly without protection and not get hurt one bit! In return for this secret, he wanted me to tell him the best place to search for valuable artifacts, so I told him to go to the swamp and find a house - there's one right in the middle of an anomaly. I told him if he could bring me proof that he was there, we could exchange our secrets. He left and within ten minutes he was requesting help. Unfortunately, people here have their own problems to deal with, so nobody went to help him. Anyway, obviously he was wrong about his secret, but I'm still interested in how he thought he cot in chemical anomalies. Get me his PDA and I'll make it worth your while. [1]
- Hermit

Find the PDA (Hermit) is a side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Description Edit

The player has a chance of getting a job from Hermit that involves getting a PDA from Abel's corpse, it is fairly simple as you only have to go up the cabin while keeping an eye out for the chemical anomalies present around the cabin. The toxic fumes being emitted by the anomalies are fairly intense and going in with less than 20 chemical protection will force the player make haste as it won't be long before the fumes start to seriously damage the player. Keep in mind that after getting the PDA from Abel's body, a Bloodsucker will spawn outside the cabin that will attack the player.

Side Event Edit

While in the area, a group of stalkers making their way to Yantar will automatically give the player a job of helping them clear a small group of Zombified Stalkers which will reward the player with a Sunrise suit upgraded with anomaly protection, giving the player a convenient way to safely traverse the anomaly field without taking too much damage.

Reward Edit

Upon completion the reward is a GP-25 Koster and a USB Flash drive with data on modifying the gas exhaust of a machine gun that can be traded to Thunderov, Duty's technician for 12 500 RU.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission Hermit gives.
  • The game refers to this mission as agr_mechanic_pda_for_secret_trader meaning that Hermit himself is considered a secret.

References Edit

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