There's an order for an artifact, the kind that heals wounds, called Chunk of Meat! They have a clinic of some sort. If you get it you'll get paid and help people at the same time.
- Sidorovich

Mission AcquisitionEdit

  • This is the third of the series of artifact retrieval missions given by Sidorovich.


  • With a one day time limit during which the player may wish to be exploring areas quite distant from the Trader, it really helps to have the artifact before accepting the mission.
  • There is a stash in Cordon at the Carpark, but the co-ordinates are not likely to come up early in the game. More typically, they are obtained in Garbage, Agroprom or the Dark Valley.
  • The artifact may spawn on the south side of the North Pile just outside the Train hangar, but it's a random spawn.
  • Several may spawn behind a Bandit camp behind the Vehicle graveyard around or within the Whirligig cluster. Early in the game this area is pretty lethal.
  • Best opportunity to find the artifact then, is just after the transition to the Dark Valley.
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