I've got a big problem man! I... I lost my family rifle in the Wild Territory. I wanted to shoot some bloodsuckers but I barely got away. Damn! Listen, bro'... if you get it back I'll pay you. I've made a little cash here and I'll give you all of it, just get my rifle back. It's a family rifle, you know, passed down from father to son... And I lost it! I've grown used to it, it's like an extension of my arm now...
- Hunter

Find the family rifle is an optional, non-repeatable mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


This mission is given by Hunter at 100 Rads Bar.

Completing the missionEdit

The rifle is located in Wild Territory in the tunnel full of Electro anomalies. The entrance is near the place where the player first met Kruglov. There will be a location marker for the item; it's in one of the red containers. The rifle itself is just a Sawn-off dbl-barrel shotgun, so don't drop or sell it by mistake.

Additional notesEdit

Along with the family rifle, in the tunnel you can find the rare Pellicle artifact, a Black Kite , the body of Gordon Freeman and the unique Big Ben pistol.


The reward is 4000 RU and a word of mouth about the barricaded house in Wild Territory. The info itself is useless - while the stashes inside the house are very good (SEVA suit and Flame Battery), you obviously can't get the items without getting the stash info first.

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