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Find the perfected suit is an optional side mission featured in Shadow of Chernobyl.


A Loner called Nimble requires the reinforced bandit jacket named the mail jacket.

Acquiring the mission[]

The mission is offered by Nimble shortly after the player rescues him from the Bandit outpost in the abandoned carpark, which is located in the Cordon.

Completing the quest[]

The mail jacket is located within a tunnel that connects the Cordon to the Dark Valley. A Pseudodog lives inside the tunnel, so a shotgun is suggested for the mission. However, a single pistol head shot is almost as easy from the safe height of the container or concrete. The reward for the mission is a Stone Flower artifact.


Behind the Scenes[]

The player's character was to be originally rewarded with 4000 RU in addition to the artifact. This feature was commented out in the script file. [1]


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