Flash drive - convenient way to store and transfer information.
- Shadow of Chernobyl item description.

Flash drives are special mission items, featured in Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Soc icon flash drive

Inventory icon.

Soc icon borov's key

Borov's key icon.

In Shadow of Chernobyl there exist only a few flash drives. Except for one, they are the object of delivery missions.

List of all Flash drivesEdit

  • Captive stalker's flash drive
  • Professor Kruglov's flash drive
  • Strelok's flash drive
  • The crazy stalker's flash drive
  • Special: Borov's key

Clear SkyEdit

Cs icon flash drive black

Inventory icon.

Cs icon flash drive blue

Inventory icon.

Flash drives in Clear Sky are a more significant part of the gameplay, compared to the first game. They are used to store upgrade information, and technicians that are capable of upgrading the player's equipment offer a reward for those that are delivered to them. Flash drives are obtained from stashes (whose locations can be bought from certain characters), or as rewards for certain missions. Note that if the player fails or cancels one of these missions, they may render a flash drive impossible to acquire.

Each flash drive contains data about only one specific upgrade, and since each technician in Clear Sky has a narrow area of expertise, they will only request flash drives that they can work with.

List of all flash drives, by technician requesting themEdit

Novikov (Great Swamps)Edit

Van (Cordon)Edit

Limpid (Garbage)Edit

Yar (Dark Valley)Edit

Aydar (Agroprom Research Institute)Edit

Thunderov (Agroprom Research Institute)Edit


  • It seems that in Call of Pripyat flash drives were entirely replaced by PDAs which now fulfil their main function - store information.
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