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I love it when feathers fill the air!


Flayer was a member of the Bandit faction during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Clear Sky[]

He is known throughout the faction for hosting a game of shooting down Crows from the skies. The player can bet a number of crows he could shoot down in a minute and the higher the prediction the higher the bet and the higher the prize/loss or the player can also play for fun which involves no cash. Apart from that there is also a "record" mode where Flayer will dictate a random number of crows to shoot down, this will range around 9 to 30 and the stakes are always high, so be sure to keep a quicksave handy if luck isn't on your side.

Unlike Major Zvyaginstev, the player can choose whatever shooter he has in his inventory to use in a game. A slight drawback to this is that while you are free to use any weapon you have, the ammo you will usually spend in shooting the crows down will most likely take most of your reward money.