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Flint is a boisterous Freedomer who spends his time inside the Yanov station. He only appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Flint is not who he claims to be - he is in fact a former Loner named Magpie who was a small-timer in the Zaton area. Hired to assist a monster hunting team in taking down a Chimera, he instead backed out at the last moment, stealing the hunters' gear and fleeing for Yanov.

By the time the game begins he's already used the ill-gained proceeds to become a member of Freedom, and situates himself inside the station, regaling his comrades with tall tales of heroic, and usually misappropriated deeds.


Call of Pripyat[]

After accepting the "In Search of Magpie " mission from Gonta , Flint can be found inside the train station, standing in front of Vano's table. He's always accompanied by at least one randomly-generated Freedomer who listens to his tales. Each time the player arrives in the station after their first visit, Flint will be telling another story depending on the player's progress in the numerous sidequests. First story he will tell you is how he defeated a Controller, afterwards he'll take credit for things the player has done, in the order that the player accomplishes them: how he supposedly discovered the new and safer route from Zaton to Yanov, his supposed destruction of the Bloodsucker Lair, and discovering the Oasis. The next and last story will be his exploit in the Quarry, spun in his favor.

In order to uncover his true identity, the player must either succeed in a certain number of these quests, or must find Splinter during their first trip to the Quarry anomaly field. The player can then talk to him and call his bluff, and he'll angrily respond, admitting aloud to being Magpie - the target of the Loners in the Skadovsk for his betrayal - but finish by claiming the player will pay and never be able to prove him wrong because of his status as a Freedomer.

Contrary to his belief, the player can inform Loki of Flint's true nature, in which case Loki will contact the Skadovsk to inquire. They can also inform the Duty detachment, in which case they will send an expert or two to take him to presumably be executed. Finally, the player can return to the Skadovsk and inform Gaunt of Magpie's whereabouts. Gaunt will go to Yanov and personally execute Flint. Turning him in to any of the three parties gives the player the Courier of Justice Achievement.

Flint's stories[]

Flint tells 5 stories in total. While all 5 DID happen, the way he told the events are all hyped and lies.

Controller over his loot[]

The first story Flint tells is how he killed a controller prowling around a place where he stashed his loot. According to him, he used a metal grate to shield himself from the controller's psychic attacks and unloaded half a magazine to it's head, finishing it off with a melee attack from his riflebutt.

What really happened[]

In reality, Flint asked help from Gonta's hunting party to kill a controller to get his loot back. In reality, he didn't even fight.

However, Flint may actually refer to the controller that was in Dangerous Cave and probably made a run for it.

Discovering the path from Zaton to Yanov[]

One of Flint's dead giveaways that he's a total liar is how he supposedly discovered the shortcut from Zaton going to Yanov. Saying he discovered it out of trial and error.

What really happened[]

The player, Major Degtyarev, discovered the shortcut after recovering mapping data from Stingray 2 and showing Pilot the maps.

Artifact in the quarry[]

Once Flint tells this story: this is the time the player has already discovered Splinter. He says that he singlehandedly recovered an artifact in the quarry with great haste.

What really happened[]

In reality, it was Splinter who actually discovered it but was betrayed by Flint, who threw him into the anomaly field. Flint stole the loot and ran off with it, leaving Splinter to die.

Hunting the Chimera[]

He brags of how he was "hired" by a team of professional hunters to track down a Chimera. A rookie stalker, brought along to watch the entrance, got scared and ran off, leaving Flint to kill the beast by himself.

What really happened[]

Ironically, it was actually Flint who ran away first after joining the Chimera hunt with Gonta's group.....along with his and their gear.

Bloodsucker Lair[]

Once the player has eliminated the bloodsucker lair, Flint will claim he spent three days in the bloodsucker's lair, often fighting several at once, until he'd killed them all.

What really happened[]

It was the player, Major Degtyarev, who destroyed the lair, either by gas or gunning them all down.

Relevant Quests[]

  • Finding the maps for Pilot.
  • Destroying the bloodsucker lair in Zaton.
  • Placing the sixth and final scanner in the Yanov anomaly fields.
  • Slaying the Yanov area Chimera.
  • Rescuing the Loner hostage from the bandits.
  • Finding the Oasis.

Solving any three or four of these quests will cause Flint to expose himself. The player can make this automatic by finding Sliver and watching over him in his last moments.


  • The Courier of Justice Achievement is bugged. After getting it,there is a chance you may not receive Magpie's loot at all.