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#REDIRECT [[Fort-14]]
{{Infobox Weapon
|realname= Fort-14
|feed=* [[9x18mm FMJ|9x18mm]] ([[9x18mm +P+|+P+]])
* 14 round magazine
|weight= 0.83 kg (empty)
|csstats=* '''Accuracy''': Moderate
* '''Handling''': Great
* '''Damage''': 50%
* '''Rate of Fire''': 250 RPM
The '''Fort-14''' (called '''Fora-14''' in-game) is a unique variant of [[Fort-12]] pistol featured in [[S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky]].
Acquired as part of a [[Clear Sky]] squad leader's quest, the Fort-14 is similar to the [[Fort-15]] in that it has a slightly extended magazine. However it lacks durability, and suffers from low damage.
[[Category:Clear Sky Weapons]]
[[Category:Clear Sky Weapons]]

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