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A submachine gun prototype based on the excellent Viper 5 model. Designed as a next generation close quarter combat weapon, it benefits from a higher caliber, rate of fire and accuracy.

In-game description

The Frasier is a unique weapon featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The main performance difference between the Frasier and a standard Viper 5 is the damage. The Frasier fires the more powerful .45ACP round. The rate of fire and accuracy are slightly better than that of the standard gun. The Frasier is a good weapon to use against human enemies, due to the oddity in which it deals more damage than most NATO class assault rifles - and also surpasses the stock 9x39mm rifles in terms of damage per bullet. Factoring in the rate of fire - the highest in the game - the Frasier can deal more damage than any other weapon. However, its main drawback is its comparatively low muzzle velocity and range, capping out around 100 meters.


This weapon can only be purchased from Nimble, by asking for a close range weapon. The player may or may not get this weapon on their first request. Buying this gun, or any gun from Nimble triggers a side quest with Snag, who will attempt to take the gun away claiming it is his.


  • In some translations of the game, this weapon is referred to as "Cutter" in Nimble's dialogue when introducing the weapon, but is called the Frasier when viewed in the inventory.
  • Although there are modified versions of the H&K MP5 that chamber the .45 ACP cartridge, no standard MP5s in reality use the .45 ACP.