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Freshy is a minor character in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Freshy is one of the Diggers working in the Garbage and part of Wild Napr’s group that are based in the Flea Market. Freshy and his team have a mining camp nearby the Flea Market, where they dig in the radioactive heaps of junk for valuable items. He keeps his PDA with important data in the false bottom of his toolbox located in the camp. Wild Napr needs the PDA and will give the player a mission to collect it from Freshy, or from his toolbox if Freshy is not at the camp. Unfortunately the camp has been attacked by mutants and the Diggers are dead but luckily the toolbox is still there.


If the player searches the dead bodies of the Diggers in the camp they will not find Freshy’s corpse. He could have escaped the mutant attack but it is also possible that his corpse was dragged away by the mutants?

Mining camp where Freshy and his team work.