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Friar (Russian: Фраер) is a Bandit who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Came to the Zone looking for adventure. Imitates the characters from popular comics of the 60s. Uses different names: Badman, Macho, the Black Coat, Banderos. Even though he has survived in the Zone for two whole years, no one really takes him seriously and it constantly drives him mad.[1]


He can appear in the Dark Valley, Agroprom, Agroprom Underground, Garbage or in the Wild Territory. It is most likely, however, to face him in the third listed location–Agroprom Underground.

His weapon, the Storming Obokan, originally belonged to a Duty stalker named Brome which he left in the Dark Valley after freaking out during an operation. Brome gives a job that requires the player to bring this weapon back to him as he will be kicked out of Duty should he fail to retrieve it.


  • If the player acquire quest for Storming Obokan after stealing documents from Military on Agroprom but before completing main quest on Dark Valley, Friar will be marked to be in the second location. However, if the player ignores main quest and returns to Agroprom Underground, Friar will immediatly teleport there.
  • If the player stands for too long in Agroprom Underground after completing the main quest (finding secret Strelok's stash), there's a chance Friar will spawn right next to an entrance. If the player stands on the other side of the corridor with the Electros, Friar, like any other NPC, will hunt for him and die in the anomaly.
  • Along with Poker, Friar is the only Expert Bandit to spawn outside the Wild Territory. Furthermore, it is interesting that Borov, the former leader on Bandits in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, is only a Veteran, while his scripted "subordinates" have higher rank.
  • Despite Poker being described to be "a complete psychopath" and therefore having no friends, he will never attack Friar if they both spawn in the same location (which is possible if the player completes 2 quests–finding the Storming Obokan and killing Poker–simultaneously).

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