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A new addition to the Western-made assault rifle family, which differs significantly from previous models in the series built on an automatic foundation with a semi-open bolt assembly, this weapon is more like American automatic gas-operated assault rifles with a short-stroke gas piston system. These changes ensure that the rifle is a first-rate example of a modern weapon - lightweight, reliable and ergonomic.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

The GP37 is a 5.56x45mm assault rifle featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

The GP37 sports an internal scope, making it very viable as a marksman weapon. Accuracy is good, recoil is relatively low and the damage per shot makes it multipurpose on all ranges. Significant downsides, however, include that its reload time is quite long compared to other weapons of its class, and that it cannot mount a grenade launcher nor a suppressor. Also, due to its high rate of fire (actually highest of all other assault rifles and automatic weapons in general) it is the most unreliable weapon in game (even worse than Viper 5 in that respect, which is also one of the least reliable weapons in game) and its condition bar depletes visibly faster than that of most others. However, it still relatively rarely jams (at least until its bar reaches around half or lower condition), in contrast to AKM-74/2U as an example, which already starts to frequently jam once its condition bar is only slightly depleted. Its accuracy, however, suffers greatly due to present unreliability, so the GP37, although being one of the most efficient weapons in game, is not suitable for longer use and should soon be replaced with a new one, if possible. The best way to save condition and accuracy with it as long as possible is to make headshots, since this generally requires only a round or few and is relatively easy to achieve due to high accuracy of the weapon and its integrated optical scope.

Its closest competitors are the Sniper SGi 5k and the FT-200M. The Sniper SGI-5k sports a better reload time and scope magnification as well as the ability to mount an M203 grenade launcher, while having slightly lower overall stats. The FT-200M is better in almost all stats, and also features an integrated grenade launcher - the only issue is that it can be acquired only in the Sarcophagus level.

Notable deployments[]

The GP-37 is commonly used by Freedom and Monolith experts based in the Army Warehouses, Red Forest, Pripyat and on the outskirts of the Chernobyl NPP.

Notable users are:


  • Traders:
    • Sold by Skinflint for 18000RU once the player has attained a good reputation with Freedom.
    • Sold by Barkeep for 75000RU after deactivating the emitter inside Lab X-16.
    • The price was substantially increased by patch 1.0005 to 135000 RU. Barkeep sells it for 75000, however.
  • Stashes:
  • In the open:
    • Also, it is possible that Murk will be killed by a Bloodsucker in the village, and the player can simply take his GP-37.
    • Can sometimes be dropped by Monolith soldiers near the Brain Scorcher
    • Defending the Barrier with Freedom always leaves a few Freedom dead with a bit of luck you can pick up a GP-37.
    • Regular drop inside Chernobyl NPP.

Stats in 1.0006

misfire_probability = 0.003		
misfire_condition_k	= 0.05
condition_shot_dec = 0.0002 	
hit_power = 0.50, 0.54, 0.57, 0.60

Clear Sky[]

The GP-37 is still a top tier weapon and it can be upgraded to have very high rate of fire, or lower recoil than similar assault rifles. If modified for sniping, the GP-37 is one of the best assault rifles converted for sniper use due to its already superior accuracy and its custom scope. The player can add an M203 grenade launcher to it if one modifies it for assault purposes. It can be also mounted with a silencer by default. Unlike most of the NATO rifles, it cannot be modified to fire the 5.45x39mm rounds. If the player is inclined to use the sniper upgrade tree for the GP-37, such a weapon compares exceptionally well to other assault rifles upgraded this way. It trumps others in accuracy (by 2 "notches") and is as accurate as a unmodified SVDm-2. It matches the AC96/2 for damage, while being surpassed in this family only by the SGI-5K (by one "notch"). Its handling matches both the TRs 301 and AKM-74/2, while the fire rate, and fire modes, match a TRs 301 (if the TRs is fully upgraded for sniping). At the same time it's only 0.1kg heavier than a scoped AKM-74/2. Essentially all the rifle parameters (except damage) are the best in the assault-sniper family.

Despite the weapon being very rare and unique, it is outclassed in almost all stats by the FT-200M, which is given by the Clear Sky faction after lowering the bridge to Limansk. Unless the player manages to acquire the GP37 before Limansk, it is generally useless due to the fact the FT-200M sports better overall stats, has almost the same upgrades tree and has a grenade launcher by default.


  • Mission rewards:
    • Available as a reward for an optional side mission given by random Loners, Duty, Freedom or Mercenaries squad leaders in the Army Warehouses, requiring the player to bring back a Flame artifact from one of the houses in the Bloodsucker Village. As a reward, the player is given a GP-37 along with 120 5.56x45mm AP rounds.
    • Awarded to the player along with a Bulldog 6 for joining the Bandits faction and eliminating the Loners' base in the Cordon. The reward is available from Tooth.


The gun can be upgraded to three tiers, but only the Clear Sky technician Grey can fully upgrade this weapon. Limpid and Yar are the only other technicians that can upgrade the GP37, but they cannot fully upgrade it, although Yar can install the final accuracy upgrade for it. It should be noted that any upgrades made after acquiring the 4x scope will revert its value to 1.6x.

Available upgrades[]

No. Upgrade name Characteristics Price Requirements
1 Bolt Mechanism Modification Rate Of Fire +15% 2500 Ru None
2 Bolt Mechanism Modification Accuracy +30% 2500 Ru None
3 Operating Rod Mechanism Recoil -50% 2500 Ru None
4 Operating Rod Mechanism Recoil -30% (RPM decrease) 2500 Ru None
5 Under Barrel Mount Grenade launcher 2500 Ru None
6 Barrel Modification Flatness +50% 2500 Ru None
7 Built In Scope x1.6 Built In Scope x1.6 2500 Ru None
8 Built In Scope x4 Built In Scope x4 2500 Ru None
9 Extend Magazine Magazine Size +15 Rounds 2500 None
10 Improved Mechanism Balance Rate Of Fire +25% 3750 No. 1 + 3
11 Barrel Replacement Flatness +50% 3750 No. 2 + 4
12 Barrel Modification Recoil -20% 3750 No. 5 + 7
13 Soft Trigger Accuracy +40% 3750 No. 6 + 8
14 Barrel Cooling Rate Of Fire +50%   No. 1+3+5+7+10+12
15 Electronic Stabilizer Accuracy +40% 6250 2+4+6+8+11+13

Call of Pripyat[]

In Call of Pripyat, it is one of the best sniper analogues in the game once upgraded, having sniper-grade accuracy, high durability, the lowest recoil for a rifle in the game (barring the Gauss rifle) and being relatively cheap with common ammunition. By default it comes with a x1.6 scope. It arguably becomes the best assault rifle for sniping purposes in the game once Tier 3 upgrades are available to the player, as it can be upgraded to have 100% accuracy with no rate of fire loss - a feat only matched by the Vintar BC and the SVDm-2. Its performance as an assault weapon is also satisfactory, the low recoil coupled with superb handling and damage will make short work of enemies at close range. Its reliability is also very high, being nearly as reliable as the AKM-74/2.

The GP-37 is easily one of the best 5.56mm assault rifles, rivaled only by the FT-200M and Strelok's SGI 5k. The FT-200M sports an integrated grenade launcher (that the GP37 cannot even mount), has fire rate upgrades and its scope can be upgraded with target identification, while having lower stock fire rate and more recoil. Strelok's SGI has more damage per shot, can mount a scope, grenade launcher and suppressor, has more upgrades but has lower accuracy and handling, as well as more recoil.

The built-in scope can be modified for either close-range combat, high-contrast sight, NVG, or adjustable magnification. Due to an oversight in the upgrade text files, the scope upgrade description mentions that the upgrade restricts the weapon's scope to x1.6 but in reality, this actually increases scope zoom to x4.0 rather than restrict.

Notable users are:


  • This is Black's main assault rifle. The weapon can be acquired by assaulting the scientists' bunker in Yanov, although doing so will have a severe impact on future missions for the scientists. The best way to get the weapon from Black is to take Hermann's mission "Last developments", as the player will be attacked by Black and his team after they grab the Administrative documents.
  • Kremen carries this gun, and he might die during the skirmish for the Duty warehouse, if the player gave Morgan's PDA to Freedom. Although, the chances of this happening is extremely low, even if the player doesn't interfere in the fight as Kremen has an unusually high amount of health (due to him wearing an Exoskeleton). If the player gives Morgan's PDA to Duty, Kremen will usually wander off Yanov after a while and one may be lucky enough to find him somewhere killed either by Duty squad or by mutants and take his GP37.
  • Sometimes used by Freedom experts using the Guardian of Freedom suit.
  • Sometimes used by exoskeleton-clad Monolith experts. Due to an oversight in the game's scripts, Monolith experts with the weapon will carry 5.45x39mm ammunition instead of 5.56x45mm, forcing them to switch to a pistol after some time.
  • Some exoskeleton-clad Mercenaries use the weapon.
  • Can be seen wielded by Loners experts using SEVA suits.
  • Jackal uses this rifle, and it can be acquired by eliminating him after taking Colonel Kovalsky's mission "One Shot". However, it is likely that another mercenary may pick it up during the getaway.
  • Can be bought from Hawaiian after attaining the A Friend of Freedom achievement.
  • Can be acquired by ordering an assault rifle from Nimble. He might also give a FT-200M or a Storm instead.
  • Hidden under a window, in an apartment building to the west of the Volcano anomaly in Pripyat.

Acquiring weapon at the beginning of game[]

It is possible to get a GP 37 early without having to pay Nimble 20000 RU. First go to Yanov (right after start or after getting maps from Stingray 2 and saving 2000 RU). Then, in Yanov, take the mission to free Mitay from some bandits. When talking to Grizzly, choose the second option (hiring some stalkers to free Mitay at night with the player). Then, get to the meeting place. One of stalkers will be equipped with a GP37. Just wait until he dies (he is wearing a SEVA suit, which has poor bullet resistance) and take his weapon. However, the weapon tends to be worn out more the longer he stays alive. Due to damage, repairing it may cost some RU, but it's still cheaper than ordering one from Nimble. However, doing this means the player loses a chance for getting a Goldfish or Bubble from this mission, some of the rarest and most useful artifacts in the game.

Stats in 1.6.02:

bullet_speed= 570 (higher is better)
time_to_aim=3.0 (lower is better)
hit_power=0.32 (higher is better)
misfire_start_prob=0.004 (lower is better, how likely the gun will jam)
condition_shot_dec=0.0008 (lower is better, how much each shot damages the gun)
fire_dispersion_base=0.24 (lower is better, accuracy)
cam_dispersion=0.2 (lower is better, recoil)
fire_dispersion_condition_factor=7 (lower is better, more recoil the more damaged the gun)
scope_zoom_factor=33.3 (lower means more zoom)

Behind the Scenes[]


  • The GP 37 is a full-sized G36 and not a G36K as some mistake it to be. The main proof that this weapon is a full-sized rifle is the number of ventholes present in the handguard, a G36K only has 4 while a full sized G36 has 6 holes. However, it does have a G36K barrel.
    • Rather strangely, the inventory icon is a reversal of this, where it has the handguard of a G36K but with a longer barrel.

From top to bottom: An SL8 converted into a G36K, the in-game GP-37, and a regular G36. Note the block separating the stock and the grip on the SL8 and GP 37 along with the triangular feature near the block that is not present on the G36.

  • The model of the GP 37 is actually not totally based on the military-issue G36, but also on the Heckler and Koch SL8, the civilian variant of the G36 that is converted into a G36 look-alike. The main give-away about this is how the stock and grip is attached to the weapon, the grip and stock on a regular G36 is always near each other while the GP37's are noticeable apart and are separated by a big block that is not present on military G36 models. This is due to the fact on how an SL8 is designed to eliminate the attachments of pistol grips and stocks to abide by civilian gun laws in certain countries (mostly the United States) which prohibits these features, and instead mounts a fixed thumbhole stock, where the stock doubles as the grip.
  • For some reason, Shadow of Chernobyl's model has dummy cartridges loaded in the magazine (as noted by their blue color).


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Clear Sky[]

Call of Pripyat[]


  1. Only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. GP37 given by Nimble. It uses a different in-game entry as it can trigger the Reputation mission, unlike a regular GP37