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A vast machinery graveyard. Right after the first accident whole heaps of radioactive waste were dumped there. Mostly ruins of old buildings infested with mutants. Much like the outskirts of the Zone, the place swarms with rookie stalkers, with an occasional bandit loitering around, always on the lookout for freebies. Some artifacts to be found here, but most of them are just not worth the effort. You'll be better off elsewhere. Going North, you will get to the Wild Territory, West lays the entrance to the Dark Valley, with the road to the Agroprom Research Institute to the East.

Shadow of Chernobyl PDA description

The Garbage is a location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, north of the Cordon. It is the first treasure-hunting ground for most newcomer stalkers.


Described as a "vast machinery graveyard", the Garbage was in fact the main dumping ground for ruined machines and vehicles, as well as irradiated junk from after the 1986 disaster. Because of this, the area is dominated by huge, heavily irradiated piles of discarded objects among which useful items or the occasional artifact can be found. Loners and Bandits are always trying to lay claim to the best loot, most often leading to fighting and bloodshed. Notable sites within the Garbage area include an old train hangar, a fenced-in scrapyard, and a ruined office building.





Shadow of Chernobyl[]

In Shadow of Chernobyl, the Garbage is the second area the player visits. Upon arriving at the Garbage, the Marked One immediately comes upon Yurik being held up by three Bandits. A couple of quests are available at the Garbage - namely helping Bes against the Bandits raid, as well as the story mission to contact Seriy.

It is a good place to harvest Artifacts, especially the top of the piles.

The northern area is the Duty checkpoint guarded by Duty officers, that lead towards Rostok. The central map area is the Train hangar guarded by Loners. The western area is usually occupied by Bandits.

Clear Sky[]

In Clear Sky, the Garbage is contested ground in the all-out factions war between the Loners and the Bandits. Scar arrives there from the Cordon and can choose to aid either faction in the fighting. A number of quests are available, primarily from squad leaders, and three story mission objectives also take place in the Garbage.

The Flea Market is now a Loners location, led by Wild Napr. The Train hangar serves as the Bandits main base, and the former Duty checkpoint is guarded by Bandits. The eastern part is usually protected by Freedom and the western part by Duty forces.

A single location has been cut from the game, namely Black Digger's stash. Furthermore, originally, the player was intended to use the catacombs to reach Agroprom Underground and Yantar, which was not accessible by conventional means.

Call of Pripyat[]

In Call of Pripyat, Sultan once mentions the location[1]. Meanwhile, other bandits may also talk about the "boys" in the Garbage and how they started the rumor surrounding the Oasis.[2].


The most prevalent enemy presence at the Garbage are the Bandits. In Shadow of Chernobyl, several Bandit gangs have made their home there and terrorize the outnumbered Loners.

In Clear Sky, the organized Bandit clan has actually built its HQ in the train hangar and it is there that Scar can join their ranks.

The mutant threat is fairly light, consisting mainly of blind dogs, fleshes and boars. As part of a quest given by Wild Napr, the player may encounter Snorks which will later respawn at different locations throughout the Garbage area. Bloodsuckers are also known to sometimes wander into the area from Agroprom or the Dark Valley.

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  • There is a locomotive VL80s (ВЛ80с) near railway hangar. Even though it is an AC electric locomotive, it hasn't got any pantographs.

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  1. "We watch over stalkers. You have to admit that a good half of you are more like little kids than men. You come to the Zone with some silly dreams, or to play heroes, or just because life's treating you badly. You don't realize all that's waiting for you in here - the grim reaper, mostly. That's the kind we look after. We find one at the Garbage, we take his gear and send 'im back to the Cordon. Some wise up and go back to the outside. Those with the stones to come back here, we put under our protection and we tax 'em. I'm tellin' ya, no one dares go on our territory - not the army, not the mercenaries, not even mutants."
  2. "Well, I heard a funny story once. Basically, the boys at Garbage started a rumor about where the Oasis is, and made it real believable, too. Then, they went to that location and waited. Well, what can I say? So many gullible losers showed up to share their stuff that the boys who started the whole thing left the Zone soon afterwards. And why not? Fellas were set for life. Only one of them stayed behind, some guy called Yoga..."