I've asked everywhere but it's useless! Nobody knows a thing, the guy's like a poltergeist or something.
- Garmata

Garmata (Гармата) is a Loner featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Garmata is a hunter who works alongside Gonta.


Call of PripyatEdit

Garmata can be first seen in the Skadovsk clinic, talking to Gonta. He was looking for Flint around Zaton but was ultimately unsuccessful as he disappeared to Yanov. He then retreats to the bar, along with Gonta, up until the player takes part in the hunt for the Zaton Chimera. His shotgun puts him at risk of being easily killed by the Chimera as he normally gets into close range with the beast, though his shotgun allows him to deal massive damage against the Chimera. After the hunt, he will return to the Skadovsk bar, sitting in their usual spot along with Crab.

If Garmata dies during the hunt, Gonta will not reward the player with an SPSA14.

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