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You can't go there!


Garik (named Garry in more recent translations of the game i.e. digital download from Steam) (Rus. Гарик) is a Loner who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

He appears in Shadow of Chernobyl as a bouncer who guards a hallway in the 100 Rads Bar, which is located in Rostok. The cut bios from Shadow of Chernobyl indicate that Zhorik, the other bouncer at 100 Rads is his twin brother. Garik cannot be interacted with and if one approaches him, he will say his famous one liner: "You can't go there!"

Garik as he appears in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Call of Pripyat[]

He appears in a more substantial role in Call of Pripyat as a Loner working for the Ecologists based near Yanov. He gives one job: to find two artifacts so that he can complete his contract with the scientists. There are three different outcomes to this quest:

  • The player does not give Garik any artifacts - he explains that he had to worm his way out of his contract with Hermann.
  • The player gives Garik one of the artifacts - he mentions finding the last artifact on his own but does not reward the player for his partial assistance.
  • The player gives Garik both artifacts - he gives the player 6000 RU on the spot as well as the locations of two stashes. When he is encountered again in Pripyat, he will reward the player with a rare Bubble artifact, provided that the player has already discussed him with Kovalsky earlier.

Once the player reaches to Pripyat, regardless of whether or not he assisted Garik, he appears in the Laundromat conversing with Lieutenant Sokolov (if Sokolov was not a companion during the trek through the Pripyat 1 underpass, it is revealed that he instead accompanied Garik on his journey to the city). After eliminating the first Monolith garrison, he confides in the player and confesses he was forced to escort a group of Mercenaries to Pripyat, barely escaping with his life. This sets up the side mission One Shot. In normal gameplay, Garik acts as a guide, being able to escort the player from Yanov to Pripyat for 5000 RU, and vice versa for free. In Yanov, Garik can be found at the bar sharing a table with Pilot.

If the player chooses to stay in the Zone after the final mission, Garik can be approached to leave the Zone and end the game. The same can be done with Pilot.


"You can't go there!"

"Talk to Barkeep."


  • In Shadow of Chernobyl, the Marked One cannot engage in any conversation with Garik.
  • One can actually force entry inside the kitchen by pushing a crate near the outside of the bar entrance and move it towards Garik. He will then be shoved into the space behind him, allowing the player to proceed. In fact, Garik will actually move out of the way, allowing access to the player, and proceeds to guard the kitchen entrance after the player leaves.
  • Garik appears in the trailer of Call of Pripyat as a guide leading a group of Stalkers to Jupiter and then to Pripyat. Him going to Jupiter appears to be canon as he comments he was the first Stalker to find a traversable path to Jupiter.
  • Garik is one of the more important secondary characters in Call of Pripyat - the player's actions towards him influences at least three quest lines (the Ecologist, Mercenary, and Military quest lines). He and Yar also become the player's only constant link to the outside world while in Pripyat.
  • Garik can take the player from Pripyat to Yanov for free. However, going from Yanov to Pripyat costs 5000 RU.
  • It costs only 4000 RU if the player arranges for a direct trip from the Skadovsk to Pripyat, compared to spending 5000 RU if one were to travel to Yanov first.