The Gastronom is one major location in Limansk in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Gastronom is a buff colored building on the west side of the small courtyard littered with corpses. The street address is 37, and the building is famous for its secret room.


The building faces the east and has one access at the north end. There's a sign in front that says, "Hall Of Fame". On the other side of the courtyard is a deli, which houses several Monolith snipers and a squad that attacks from the basement on the south end of the building.


Monolith snipers are perched on the roof and north side balcony.


  • Clear the area of Monolith before attempting to explore the area or loot any corpses. One strategy is to follow the story line until you clear the Military out of the house on the hill and then come back to clear out the Monolith.
  • To access the secret room, start from the arched doorway on the north side of the building. Use a grenade launcher or a shotgun to open the door on the left and again at the bottom of the stairs.



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