We, naturally, don't give assignments to foreign stalkers. On the other hand, this is a simple task, so there's no point making our guys do it. So listen. You need to purge a small lair of beasts at the Garbage. One of our groups is already working there, so in case of trouble you'll have a place to retreat to. On the other hand, there shouldn't be any problems because there aren't many beasts there - not more than ten. Most likely dogs: recently there were reports of a migration of a large pack of them in the area. You can get to carrying out the assignment.
- General Voronin

Mission AcquisitionEdit

  • This is the first of Voronin's repeatable side-mission series.
  • Player will need to be trusted enough for entry to the Duty Hedquarters area in order to obtain the mission.

Mission DetailsEdit

  • Kill a pack of dogs in Garbage.
  • The pack is located near the southernmost extent of Garbage.


  • The area is fairly radioactive, especially near the manhole that the dogs guard.
  • On the way to the target, there will probably be Pseudodogs inhabiting the old bandit camp, and a larger pack of 5-8 pseudodogs patrolling the Vehicle graveyard nearby.
  • As ever, low power weaponry is most effective against canines (Viper 5, AKM-74/2)


  • Most of Voronin's repeatable missions pay 3000 RU and 90 SP6 rounds with a couple of VOG-25 grenades as a bonus. This one pays less since it's pretty easy.
  • The dogpack is guarding the manhole where the Storage of the Strelok faction stash is found.
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